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We are proud of our workmanship and stand behind all of the repairs and services done at B&M Transmission and Car Care Centre.

When we repair your vehicle we will put a written warranty on all major repairs, and we include

a complimentary 2 year/40,000km nationwide warranty at no extra cost.

Included with the complimentary nationwide warranty is a complimentary roadside assistance program as well at no additional cost.


  • Our standard warranty on all our reconditioned transmissions installed in our shop is 3 years/85,000km. To see more information on the ATRA Golden Rule warranty program click here.

  • We also offer an extended warranty of 5 years/150,000km on most of our reconditioned automatic transmissions we install here at B&M.

  • For repaired transmissions, we also offer a 1 year/20,000km warranty on all transmissions repaired but not reconditioned

  • On major repairs which are not transmission related, we can offer our standard 1 year/20,000km warranty, as well as a warranty extension option of up to 3 years/75,000km

  • We offer a complimentary 2 year/40,000km nationwide warranty on most minor repairs done at our shop such as repairs to alternators, starters, fuel system, brakes, cooling system, air conditioning and heating system, ignition systems and many more.

  • We offer a complimentary Roadside Assistance program as well for many repairs completed at our shop. 

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